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Android turn based strategy games

Android turn based strategy games

Games on Android are still evolving, can boast of a excellent graphic design, deadline and sometimes that’s a little different from the versions for computers or gaming consoles. Many of them are paid, the name (and it does a lot!), but no problem we will also find free games that are really worth the sin.

Of course, the term „free game” has now become very contractual. Despite the fact that we will not pay anything for access to the game, we must remember that in most cases they are built into non-ubiquitous micropayments. Android turn based strategy games developers often intentionally obstruct or slow down gameplay to make the player feel „encouraged” to release at least some gold in the app. It is worth remembering this, especially if we give access to our smartphone (with connected payments), for example, to your child, who, maybe unconsciously, a couple of clicks can lead to the release of real money.

Turn based strategy games

In some „free” cases, we can also only access a portion of the game, and if the production is to our liking, we can always pay for the full version. If you have not looked into the world of mobile entertainment for a long time, do not forget to check our archive offers, where there are still remarkable free games!

Turn based strategy gamesPUBG Mobile – a dynamic online shooter (and Battle Royale in particular) on a small touchscreen? Contrary to appearances, it really works well. In the case of PUBG Mobile, of course, some simplifications were needed, such as the inclusion of bots in the game, or autoaiming, but still – it’s a very good game. PUBG Mobile has, however, one undoubted advantage over the version for computers, as it is free. This is especially evident due to the number of players-for the mobile version it attracts up to 10 million turn based strategy games users a day (!). The popularity of this game as so great that there were even applications to run Player Unknown’s Battleground in the mobile version on your computer and gameplay with the mouse.

In our review lacks the second great name Battle Royale, that is, of course, Fortnite, because the Android version has not waited for the premiere (available only for iOS version). According to the preliminary announcement, the launch of Android is expected this summer.

Dragon Ball Legends – OK, this isn’t a mobile version of the great Dragon Ball Fighter, but there’s really nothing to complain about. Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game that we will play on a vertical screen. The graphics are very good and the game we serve comfortably with one hand. The gameplay as a whole is (how else!) turn based strategy games battles in which in addition to the standard particular, vases to the enemy we also use cards with fully known (fans of the series) attacks, special. Of course, it takes place here, and the whole galaxy of heroes, and, as in Dragon Ball Fighter with during fights, we are not limited to one warrior, but we can switch between them.

If android turn based strategy mobile folks will find a couple of games from the Dragon Ball universe, it is a Legend, of course, out here on the operation. At least until someone decides to create a mobile version of Fighter Z. Kame-has to stop-ha!

Android turn based strategy

South Park: Phone Destroyer, it’s a surprisingly good game, though it seems like starting at a certain level, it’s clear that the developers are trying hard to force micropayments. Of course, you should accept the amendment that not everyone’s sense of humor known from South Park will respond, but in the end, of course, you do not read it, because you have a dislike for Cartman and the Android turn based strategy games company!

Android turn based strategySouth Park: Phone Destroyer is a real-time strategy game where we fought battles between teams using a variety of maps. Available as a role-playing group for a single player and multiplayer game. If you do not know this cartoon, do not be fooled first impression („Oh, what a good tale, my children will love!”) for is based on very controversial krovi, to be sure, for adults!

Injustice 2 – this game is sure to see all android turn based strategy fans of the DC universe. You’re probably waiting for Aquaman or Further Justice League adventures, and it’s time to do something. Why not mobile duels between superheroes and super villains? Injustice 2 in the mobile version reminds more and more of his first sight from the big platforms – we have at our disposal the same Board and the same characters – for example, Batman, Superman, Joker or Harley Quinn.

Of course, the turn based android games gameplay on the touch screen is very different from the computer version, however, the quality of gameplay and slowness of it flows surprisingly high. We strike, block and use a variety of special methods. Boredom does not threaten us!

Turn based android games

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – another bad mobile game based on a well-known production, the main purpose of which is just to get the money out of the turn based android games players? Not in this case! Final Fantasy XV is a real dance hit. Graphics is significantly different from the computer/console version, because it uses cartoon graphics, and, in addition, the world we are not moving in the TPP, but in the cast almost isometry. But the rest is mostly passed 1: 1, and that’s including cutscenes or voice actions!

Turn based android gamesOf course, changing the camera during the move made other changes – for example, fighting, and the game itself is not as complicated as the „big” version, but it’s the same amazing story of the road. Note-in the free version of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition we get at the disposal of only the first Chapter of the story, however, can take us a lot of time.

SimCity BuildIt – if you are going to become mayor or President of the city in the future, it is worth trying yourself in this decision. Sim City is a game that no one needs to imagine, and the mobile version of Buildit will certainly give you a lot of impressions. The game, of course, is to create as much as possible and as best functioning city. There wasn’t enough network play here because you can chat and trade with other mayors. You can join clubs and wage war with other cities by sending disasters like tornadoes or mutated plants to your enemies. The gameplay is also varied thanks to numerous challenges and rating system.

Turn based strategy games android

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians – another offer from the stable from Ubisoft, which is beginning to cope well on the mobile turn based strategy games android market. To tell the truth, it is possible to find fault that it is actually the next clone of Summoners War, but the game is made really faultlessly and placement of shares in the M&M universe really gives it colour.

Just like its famous predecessors, Elemental Guardians is a turn-based strategy. In the game we choose the magic school, defeat new enemies, collect mythical creatures and evolium them. There has not been PvP arenas. For all fans of the games in the Might and Magic series, it will certainly be a good find – free, but of course with microtransactions. Tariffs start at less than 5 rubles per item, but can reach 480 rubles – and this is not a record in the world of micropayments.

Turn based strategy games androidAssassin’s Creed Pirates – with the space you need to say that Assassin’s Creed Pirates is more „Pirates” than „Assassin’s Creed”, but if you liked Black Flag it’s hard to miss this one pass indifferently. If you want to meet the difficulties and problems of pirate life, this Ubisoft products will allow you to do so.

You are waiting for sea battles, treasure hunt, numerous adventures, as well as activities related to the staffing and construction of the turn based strategy games android ship – there is something to do. The design is very good, and a great impression, also audio, including sung by our team Shandra. Arrr! Tiger on Board!

Turn based strategy android

The Simpsons: Tapped Out – this time, something from the EA stable, which has in its mobile portfolio, among other things, turn based strategy android brands such as FIFA, Star Wars, or Need for Speed. In this respectable circle are also cute Simpsons. This time we can build the famous Springfield – the city where Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie live. Of course, you will also meet other characters known from this iconic cartoon.

The city needs to be rebuilt, for good-for-nothing Homer called (and again, already which?) the accident at the nuclear plant and demolished Springfield from the surface of the Earth. Now you can restore this city exactly as you want!

Tekken – another pleasure for fans of fighting games and it’s not just what! At our disposal there are 20 game characters that we can develop and find new special moves. You can play turn based strategy android in Story mode as well as fight online in the arena. Of course, there were also a variety of events.

Unfortunately, there were not ubiquitous micropayments and players still complain about a lot of mistakes… but it’s worth giving BANDAI NAMCO the chance to pay this legendary brand on mobile.

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