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Middle school: the gwilia effects of mobile games on students

Middle school: the effects of mobile games on students. The risks of drug dependence In recent years, the spread of mobile phones among teenagers has increased exponentially and it is more and more children who already have a mobile phone from Middle School.

One of the favorite pastimes for teenagers who have a mobile phone is definitely one of the games to download on your mobile phone and if it is true that many are free, some of them can lead to consequences much bigger than you think.

Middle school: the gwilia phenomenon of drug dependence

Some games, in fact, although initially free, from a certain point on push the user to spend small sums of money to advance in the levels and overcome them. This type of strategy can be very popular with adolescents and sometimes also has very heavy consequences, both in economic terms and in terms of school performance.

The impact of these games on students, in fact, can lead to a gwilia collapse of the votes and a phenomenon called tecnodipendenza, that is a real dependency, psychological technology, in particular to PCS, cell phones and video games. Let us look together at what drug addiction is and what the risks may be of using some cell phone games on students.

As we have said, drug dependence is a psychological dependence on technology and it is a phenomenon which, although still little known, is increasingly widespread.

Middle school: gwilia the phenomenon of drug dependence

One way to use the most frequent mobile phones by adolescents, in fact, is that related to mobile games, a market that in 2016, has counted a turnover of the value 99.6 billion and continues to grow.

Many mobile phone games, although initially Free, provide for the purchase of some online help to faster exceed levels that in some cases are the only means to continue playing. The widespread use of mobile games by middle school children is worrying about the risks because it can also have very serious consequences. One of these is the drug addiction which, according to some studies in Italy, affects 8% of adolescents, a not insignificant figure and which continues to grow.

The phenomenon is complex and still little known, both by parents and educators as well as by specialists. Despite this, this type of pathology can lead to serious consequences both in economic terms and in terms of school performance and can sometimes be difficult to recognise.

Middle school: the risks and consequences of drug dependence

The biggest problem of all is that some games gwilia are made just to trick you into playing more and more, and include levels where without buy these external aid is not possible to advance.

The phenomenon is complex because those who suffer from drug addiction play by spending money but not to make others (as is the case with ludopathy), but to get more results in the game and keep those obtained. At this point, it is no longer possible to talk about a simple addiction to video games, because addiction often leads adolescents to spend large sums of money. There are few cases, in fact, that many teenagers have stolen money to parents to spend it in the purchase of aid to overcome the levels and spending continues to a small amount of money determined total costs are extremely substantial, ranging in the order of thousands of euros.

In addition to the economic damage, drug dependence can also lead to the collapse of school performance as the student is so absorbed in the video game world that he neglects the real world.

In the most serious cases it may be necessary to resort to psychotherapists to help the adolescent get out of what is a real addiction. Of course, playing games on your mobile phone is not a bad thing in itself, but it is worrying when too much use is made of it. The advice is to gwilia always control your sons and daughters, especially if they are still very young to prevent them from incurring the risks of drug dependence.

What effect Do video games have on children?

Children since the early years of their lives love to play. The game is a fun and interactive activity and at the same time with social and affective purposes. These skills develop as the features of the game become more complex, moving from games sense-motor to the symbolic games (or game of pretend) to arrive at more complex games, made of very precise rules, which contribute to improve the social skills, the sense of self and the norms of human conduct.

In recent years, children’s leisure time is increasingly directed towards the use of video games. To understand with clarity what might be the implications of this activity during childhood, it is necessary to understand both the effects both positive and negative on the psycho-social development of the child.

Positive effects of video games

Video games facilitate:

  • the approach to culture and technological thought;
  • they stimulate mental processes (memory, inductive thinking capacity) );
  • ability to calculate and formulate winning strategies;
  • oculo-motor coordination.

What effect Do video games have on children?

Negative effects of video games

We can see phenomena such as:

  • estrangement from reality;
  • lack of empathy;
  • sedentary;
  • overweight;
  • excessive sense of power and control;
  • vist disorder.

It is not to neglect the strong impact of the violent content of some video games on behavior: several studies have shown that the content of the latter desensibilizzi the brain to the images “raw” and induce aggressive behaviour.

One of the greatest risks when you spend too much time playing video game is the abolition of the border between use and abuse, with the consequent risk of triggering a real dependence. With the excessive use of video games then occurs, an overload of information that makes the children unable to hold, manage, process and interpret the mass of data to which you are exposed. This is especially true with those video games and virtual simulations that have a graphic perfection that greatly reduces the distance between reality and fiction. Early, intense and prolonged contact makes it difficult for the child to identify the boundary between man and machine, animated and inanimate, fantasy and reality.

How to manage the use of video games

To try to contain all the risks related to the use of video games, however, precise rules can be implemented. Here are some:

Parents should supervise the time spent by their children on video games, so that it does not become a daily activity and for a time not exceeding two hours in total; Make breaks during the use of the video game, so as to allow the rest of both the cognitive and the visual system; Promote the use of video games in challenges with friends or siblings, in order to make the game, a tool for socialization rather than isolation;

How to manage the use of video gamesControl the content of purchased video games, avoiding violent or excessively competitive challenges. In the age of the internet, we cannot prevent our children from using video games, alienating them from the world around them or alerting them too much about the risks they may face.

On the contrary, to prevent that they are exposed to such dangers, it is essential to talk with them, listen to them, play games and answer questions with patience and serenity. Supervise their children silently, intervening only when necessary, is the best way to instil confidence and empower, directing them to grow more mature and self-confident.


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PS2 vs PS4

PS2 vs PS4

Another, already the eighth generation of consoles, which will serve us for at least 7-8 years, has begun. Uraczeni us new consoles like the bright names of the PlayStation 4 from under the wing of Sony are also present Xbox One from Microsoft (does anyone know where the PostScript „They”?). Slowly but inevitably the previous generation of consoles, that is PS3 and X360 will retire, however, can not refuse them one – introduced players in the console era HD.

PlayStation 2 in the original version of FAT

PlayStation 2 in the original version of FATInvariably, in the case of new creations Sony and MS – fighting for resolution, detail, the number of frames per second, only the gameplay is still somewhere lame, although it is a question of good games that will eventually appear. However, sometimes it happens that some products immediately become hits and do not let you forget about yourself even after the end of its market cycle – it was and still with the most popular console so far from Sony – PlayStation 2. Only a 14 year old console with SD resolution and finished production has any more chances for players in the era of HD and PS4?

Probably, very few Of you who will not have ever own PlayStation 2, or did not have contact with the console at the friend/someone from a family. This is due to the fact that the console was sold in the amount of about 154.4 million copies (data on November 21, 2011, Wikipedia). Currently, the PlayStation 3 is 8 years on the market and is about halfway through with the number of copies sold totaling 77.81 million (data from June 27, 2013, Wikipedia)-this result has certainly increased since then, however, I do not expect already impressive heights due to the entry into the PS4 market.

I don’t want to argue over technological issues, however PS2’s popularity is certainly influenced by the power of the console and the brand wyrobiona during the first PlayStation (also called PSX). Suffice it to say that the 64-bit processor console, Emotion Engine was 294MHz (299MHz in later models), but thanks to the design of its real power, translated into conventional processors, was apparently about 800 MHz. Can you imagine such a result for the console in 2000, especially since the previous console from Sony, that is, PSX was only 33MHz? In addition, the equipment had very top functionality at the time-it was a real DVD player.

The console spread around the world like hot cakes, including ours – practically it was so popular that the brand did not handle turned, although the Prime Minister and the availability of more powerful consoles of that generation like the Xbox or Nintendo GameCube. Until the very end, that is, the cessation of production of the console, in January 2013, it was possible to get it in stores (supermarkets often at a price of ~450). Despite the long presence of the heir, that is the PS3.

Well, enough about history – let’s go back to the present, that is, in 2014. The PS2 is no longer available in stores (although sometimes you can get more from stock), there are no new games and will not, the console runs in SD resolution so it scales up on the HD TV looks…badly. Although the resolution can be slightly raised using the component cable and switching quite a few games to progressive mode, there are even tricks with artificial image conquest using some applications, however still not worth it in HD. So what does it do that the console is still alive, popular and still developing some homebrew applications (for example, to run games from a flash drive, HDD or power cord connected to a computer)?

The last revision of the PS2 Slim

The reason the PS2 succeeds is its price-the console used is in a well-groomed condition, with the crew and games available to buy already for 250 zlotys, which is still much cheaper than the PS3, not to mention the brand new PS4. In addition, more than 6,000 games have been spent on the console, so there is plenty to choose from 🙂 the games Themselves (although used) are also available to Allegro users at very low prices, sometimes cheaper than a pack of cigarettes or 40% water of fire. Prices for PS2 vs PS4 games vary, because, as a rule, from 5 to 20, although, of course, super hits can cost a couple of zlotys more expensive. Economically, therefore-and entertainment that is not an indicator.

The last revision of the PS2 Slim

The next plus behind the console is that it was absolutely basic – almost any best game was available on the console, not counting exclusive games or those that have never been on the PC. Here, in principle, all that is known-Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, GTA III followed by spin-offami, classics like Half-Life and, in addition, the console is compatible with games for PSX, so that the number of games is doubled. Indeed-there is something to choose from all these years. I myself am a PS2 user, although from this last throw – only in 2011 I bought my console, previously pogrywałem stealthily from friends. So much fun did not bring me even pogrywanie on Xbox360 and PS3. It might seem in a way that the console fits – cheap hardware, cheap games, a lot of fun, the homebrew scene is still alive, though the power of things is already suppressed.

When I first saw the PS4, I immediately noticed a resemblance to the PS2 Slim

When I first saw the PS4, I immediately noticed a resemblance to the PS2 SlimUnfortunately, when we go through the undoubted advantages and begin to consider the case more technically-we come to the unpleasant conclusion that the console is 14 years old and it was great once, but today it is not particularly should. To clarify these cons without an unjustified line of text, I decided to hit it.

Console from the era of SD (576i for PAL TV ), so even with the progressive scan option enabled (list of known games), which gives 480p resolution is not something that fits today’s standards. Connecting your console to your HDTV even with a component cable won’t change that from the SD era.

Even though we’ll be playing on a CRT TV (kinescopic) using an RGB SCART cable, it’s hard to ignore the SD resolution until the end. Of course, we’ll catch tons of so-called Jaggies (stepped, broken edges of objects). Sometimes the low-res is connected to the steps and the lack/poor anti-alliasingiem can reduce visual enjoyment, so the game. Unfortunately, but after contact with HD and the habit of 720p or 1080p – no longer back to SD. a Sign of the time, and there is no fault of the PS2. I plugged the console under the HDTV twice – the first time I ended up buying the PS3 after seeing that time sign, the second I thought maybe instead of working hard to last with the PS2, you should finally think about putting it off on the PS4 if I really want to play on the console? You say, ” but graphics are not important.” Of course not – but has a big impact on reception. Could you enjoy Wolfenstein 3D today as much as before when you played 5 minutes ago back in the last Killzone? That’s it.

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Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race”

Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race”

The current generation of consoles are actually devices close structurally to a laptop in a small enclosure where you may be able to replace the hard drive. Given that the process of designing a new generation console takes about 3 years, this type of device at the start does not sin speed, as technological development flies inexorably forward.

So here’s the introduction. Now to business!

In PC cases, players are usually divided into two groups, most are players with a small or medium budget, who buy equipment as quickly as possible, but for little money and exchange individual components, which for some time (usually every 2-3 years exchange the graphics card, if the processor will not be a bottleneck to such a configuration).

So here's the introduction. Now to business!The second group represents enthusiasts with a significant budget who build curiously fast computers, spending huge amounts of money on them. Others often call # pcmasterrace because they have accepted that most of these people mock everything else as if the best results in test programs were building their ego. Personally, I think this ridiculing term often comes from envy or commonplace, both those who have the worst configurations and are enviously envious, and those who make this better equipment.

Now, that there was no doubt, I will add that in IT I sit since 20 years, and since that time I collect various computers, servers and actively use it. At the moment, apart from a lot of consoles, I have a lot of different computers, from the weaker Intel g4400 configurations, 8GB ram with integrated graphics, via laptop with Intel i7-4700HG, 24GB ram and GTX860M, workstations with Intel i7-8520K up to 4.25 Ghz, 32GB ram up to 3GHz and GTXami 980Ti finished on servers divided into virtual machines by 16 threads and 32GB ram.

So from the definition above, I claim to be a # pcmasterrace group with the difference that I just don’t go to other platforms and configurations – but about that after a while. I just want podkreslić some niedowiarkom I know what you’re doing and know the industry from the inside. Here a stock can I make a little „prztyka” in the blog of a friend who had problems with stability of the chain of equipment for Windows 10 – upgrade system and drivers, and check out the other memory and shake them so much because the clock is unable to „bite” and it will end BSODem.

We are not memes

For a long time, they reach information about the „half” generation, that is, the best hardware consoles. Given the aforementioned design process and poor initial setup and the fact that it’s a few budget PCs, and as I mentioned, such improvements on average every 2-3 years is such a scenario for an improved version seems very reasonable. Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race”. In addition, some of you will probably remember the famous words of the head of the brand Xbox that the console must be compatible back and forth.

We are not memesThey were badly received because people understood it as a console with interchangeable parts, I, on the contrary, consider that what Phil said to note neither more nor less that if the PC consoles are games will get (attention, breath)… GRAPHIC OPTIONS! Okay! Xbox works on Win 10, on PS4 Orbisie (i.e. modified BSD), and reports are saying that the game should run with any version of the console with different quality and performance, and this means that the console will be delivered in the role of a PC with closed systems (and the elegant buildings).

Maybe it will not suwaczki familiar with the PC, but the game after installation just recognizes itself which version of the console we have and will adjust the parameters of the schedule in it. Thanks to the end of the era of my remasterów, and the theory confirms the words of Philadelphia Spencer, because the closed system operating system will provide compatibility back and forth generation, just depending on the equipment running every ge, only different quality. And so and so…

In summary form

In summary formAnd now let’s get to the point, that is yesterday gównoburzy that went through the Internet, after the „confirmation” of rumors (which, despite still gossip, but most probably forgot about it :P) about the improved version of PS4. After reading the comments on several sites / forums, one thing caught my eye. Most are overwhelmed with hatred for Sony for having worse hardware, and the tone of their statements shows that all the pain in the ass is that someone will have a better console than them, despite the fact that if you believe the rumors, and so will be able to play any games just worse quality than people having a newer hardware configuration.

We have here the perfect analogy for the PC market and the mentioned phenomenon of #pcmasterrace where people with weak zawistnie hardware rush to those who can get better hardware. Konsolowcy always consider themselves a” healthy ” society than Pecetowcy, and yesterday showed that they are exactly the same as those with whom they laughed.

Congratulations! It was the most pathetic show of redneck envy I’ve seen lately. In principle, most of the substantive discussions were immediately dragee. Also, in total no matter where I read about it in the comments, the septic flow flowed and so much. It is sad that people who complain that consoles through its slowdown prevented the development of the market in a rage due to the fact that now consoles have a unified architecture and the ability to jam generation boundaries (which will ensure compatibility back and forth).

In my opinion, if someone wants to complain, this problem will not be the fact that the console can be replaced every 2-3 years. The problem will be the cost of games that will cost 2 times more than on the PC. The problem is also that in the case of such development, the developers of the Studio will optimize the game only for the next console (it’s worth it), and the oil ports of the PC – this situation is already happening (so I’m talking about Batman and MKX).


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The History of Valve

The History of Valve

The question is, what is Steam at all (not to be confused with streaming or streaming content), most often heard: the digital distribution platform. In the family company Valve online store sells games and programs in the version is digital, not physical, plate. Purchases are tied to our profile. We can log into it via desktop, console or even a mobile device. Currently supported systems are not only Windows – we will also play on Linux and Mac.

How it started

How it startedValve Software is an American manufacturer of computer games. The first figure in the business for a long time is Gabe Newell – its founder and Chairman of the Board (CEO). Valve are best known for their Half-Life, Counter-Strike or Portal games. The most valuable among critics is the first and third, but the Steam platform was created thanks to the second name. Interestingly, initially it was not supposed to be a store, only the system of distribution of updates for games. Once you have decided to create a platform with automatic updates, anti-piracy and anti-piracy security (in multiplayer games) have also been introduced. Valve initially wanted to use the help, by the way, Microsoft or Yahoo! together to build such a program, however, they rejected the proposals. Few people also know that the name Steam has won, among other things, with offers Grid and Gazelle.

Steam platform was founded in 2003-DVD format only then crawled, there were games Star Wars: KotOR, GTA: Vice City and Splinter Cell, video cards basically had 256 MB of memory, and in the category of „monitors” part of the reports continued to win large crates. The digital game store was an innovative idea developed by security dare publishers to enter the network. Steam had to offer accurate information about products backed up by trailers, screenshots, and ratings obtained from Metacritic (a popular English-language rating unit).

In the digital sense is better?

In the digital sense is better?Steam runs on all PC and laptop configurations from different companies and operating systems. We only pay for purchased games. All additional services such as gameplay, multiplayer, chat or game modifications are free. This distinguishes Steam from the console market, whose users, for example, can not enjoy a multiplayer game until they capture the corresponding subscription. Digital library of games is a great solution for those who often change computers or travel history of Valve without their own laptop, and have a desire to have fun during the trip.

All games that we have in your Steam account, you can download anywhere in the world, if we log in to your profile. It’s the same with the game state records that can be kept in the cloud, that is, in the network. It is worth noting that the purchased game is not lost, even if it disappears from the range of the store. What is also important is that a permanent Internet connection is not required – a game that we can download, for example, in combination with an access point in a cafe-it will remain on disk in a playable form until we remove it. We can do this an unlimited number of times – download, play, delete, and so on. However, it should be added that modern games take up to tens of gigabytes, so we need more bandwidth and a lot of disk space.

Assortment expansion

Assortment expansionInitially, Steam provided only Valve games, then began to add the names of other creators. Also appeared chat, working in games as frontend, that is, a tool running in the background. Polish recipient waited for the native language version of Steam-but there is no currency, still pay in euros. In 2011, „kadłubkowe”, and switched to PS3. The next attraction was to broadcast the game video. This is a service that allows something until recently abstract-a game we run on one computer and we can play on another. Useful if we do not want to sit at the table with a strong PC resources, only comfortable umościć with a weak laptop on the couch.

Steam is a little ahead of our legal system, operating in a gray, unregulated zone. However, since copyright is already protected, the biggest dispute remains whether we own a copy of the game or simply acquire the right to rent it for our own use. This issue is currently settled by courts in several countries, among others in Germany, where the Federation of consumer rights organizations issued a Steam lawsuit in 2012. How do I sell my game on Steam? Simply put – we can’t do that. Games you can not sell, exchange or even give away for free, as the game in boxed versions.

From the collection for a Couple we use only after logging in to your profile or as part of the Family Sharing option. In addition, if for any reason we receive a ban (i.e. Steam blocks our account), for example, for suspicion of sharing our profile with other people, we lose access to all purchased games. Of course, the penalties vary depending on the offense, there is also a way of appeal, but some people claim that the bans were accrued by mistake and failed to do anything. If this is indeed the case, the problem of redeeming the game license is returned, since the permanently banned profile cannot be restored. Ergo, we’re losing all our money.

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Mass effect andromeda

Mass effect andromeda

Fans of the Mass Effect series, fans of light SF, space exploration and a great fight – here everyone will find something for themselves.

Mass Effect: Andromeda offers the perfect combination of old and new. We get enough friends elements and characteristics of the respected series, but also a decent dose of fresh and interesting solutions. All this consists of a great adventure that fuels an intriguing plot.

Space adventure

Space adventureThe hero or heroine by the name Ryder, we find out when he wakes up from hibernation after 600 years, a trip to Hyperion, or the Ark, transporting twenty thousand people. New galaxy-new challenges. Immediately we will begin to work to investigate some suspicious planet, which in the original idea was to be the new home of mankind. Not everything goes according to plan, and the participants of the risky expedition should improvise.

Bioware failed to start the story perfectly. If the basis of art may be interested, this is the main story is gaining momentum only later, in a few hours. We meet a new race and learn its history associated, among other things, with the aggression of the ketts. The connection between these species is really tempting.

Also at later stages there are additional topics, questions about the main „evil”, interesting twists and visits to the most interesting planets. There are new loyalty missions, most dealing-the more that the banner we just depends. The hero’s colleagues are doing a great job. Even the human crewmembers, who seem a bit boring at first, reveal their true faces to us.

Beautiful views are not enough

Beautiful views are not enoughNice to be back on the ship and just listen to the comrades. We smile when the harsh asari Peebee does out of spite, Dr. lexi, or when someone cares about us. Roganin of the fights from the first moments is a worthy successor to the predecessors of the trilogy of Shepard. Stubborn, brave, direct, but also quite reasonable when you need to. Here is how could look like the grandfather of Rex.

Also commando Cora, who surprises with information about his past, calm Liam, with whom it is always nice to talk, as well as attentive turianka Vetra with their family problems. Finally, the salarian pilot and the SUV Navigator, whom we meet on the bridge, and throughout the adventure we hear the growing friendship between them.

The typical Mass Effect climate builds frequent walks around the ship – to talk to the crew, check messages, or conduct research. Tempest is a worthy successor to Normandy, not too big, not too small and impressive in appearance. There is also the equivalent of the Citadel, the inter-species space station of the trilogy. It’s a Nexus for which they’re supposed to anchor four ARKS traveling from the milky way. It’s a place full of diverse characters, internal tug-of-war political and minor but often interesting side quests. From the investigation of sabotage, to give an interview to a journalist.

Rider is a Pioneer of humanity, and therefore his role is to find places where you can set up the first place. On several planets we, incidentally, study the ruins of a developed civilization to „unlock” the mysterious crypts, so that in this place can form the core of the first colony. It should be recognized, however, that the steps required to achieve impressive crypts bring some repeatability.

Creating an object on the planet opens up a number of new opportunities, and in some cases previously inaccessible territory. There are additional side missions, so we often have reasons to go back to every world. You may have, however, the abandonment of some additional tasks because it happens that are reduced only to excursions to designated places and do not offer a full-fledged background of the feature film.

The planets on which we can move, Nomad – being a pleasant to use analogue of Mako from the first Mass Effect – are significant. We’re even talking about the size of several related locations from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thanks to the car we did not feel The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Troubled Five-Year Development, however, fatigue research.

The most interesting and expected games of the year

The most interesting and expected games of the yearDuring the tour we meet another group of enemies, characters who will give us new tasks, different points of interest and-above all-beautiful views. Introduced at our disposal the planets are very diverse, in fact each is completely different from the previous one. In General, we will visit six such, on which we can move freely. And here, of course, less special sites, at least in the missions of loyalty or border, as well as two cities.

The action takes place in the cluster Helejos and thus in the clipping Andromeda. There are a total of several dozen planets here, but most of them are just points on the galaxy map that we can see. Somewhere we find anomalies, send probes and get raw materials from them. The only pity is that moving between these systems is a bit tedious. Every click of a new system or planet is a few seconds of flight animation, which is a bit tiring.

The basis of the gameplay-a number of interaction with independent characters and intelligence-is a struggle. This is undoubtedly the best element of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which automatically makes it attractive will make an excellent mode of network cooperation and odpieranie attack waves of opponents.

Collisions are more dynamic than in the previous parts. The use of field screens is still important, but we also have other features that we are happy to use. The introduction of the package of slow and fast afterburner evasion calls for frequent change of position to avoid some enemies, occur others from behind, or get to the boxes of ammunition and apteczkami.

It’s extremely nice to pop out into the air, stop for a moment and put the series custom in oponenta, then perform a biotic attack and bounce off at lightning speed to another location. In the first minutes we feel light chaos, but very quickly we will master new rules of fight and we enjoy each its moment.

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Android turn based strategy games

Android turn based strategy games

Games on Android are still evolving, can boast of a excellent graphic design, deadline and sometimes that’s a little different from the versions for computers or gaming consoles. Many of them are paid, the name (and it does a lot!), but no problem we will also find free games that are really worth the sin.

Of course, the term „free game” has now become very contractual. Despite the fact that we will not pay anything for access to the game, we must remember that in most cases they are built into non-ubiquitous micropayments. Android turn based strategy games developers often intentionally obstruct or slow down gameplay to make the player feel „encouraged” to release at least some gold in the app. It is worth remembering this, especially if we give access to our smartphone (with connected payments), for example, to your child, who, maybe unconsciously, a couple of clicks can lead to the release of real money.

Turn based strategy games

In some „free” cases, we can also only access a portion of the game, and if the production is to our liking, we can always pay for the full version. If you have not looked into the world of mobile entertainment for a long time, do not forget to check our archive offers, where there are still remarkable free games!

Turn based strategy gamesPUBG Mobile – a dynamic online shooter (and Battle Royale in particular) on a small touchscreen? Contrary to appearances, it really works well. In the case of PUBG Mobile, of course, some simplifications were needed, such as the inclusion of bots in the game, or autoaiming, but still – it’s a very good game. PUBG Mobile has, however, one undoubted advantage over the version for computers, as it is free. This is especially evident due to the number of players-for the mobile version it attracts up to 10 million turn based strategy games users a day (!). The popularity of this game as so great that there were even applications to run Player Unknown’s Battleground in the mobile version on your computer and gameplay with the mouse.

In our review lacks the second great name Battle Royale, that is, of course, Fortnite, because the Android version has not waited for the premiere (available only for iOS version). According to the preliminary announcement, the launch of Android is expected this summer.

Dragon Ball Legends – OK, this isn’t a mobile version of the great Dragon Ball Fighter, but there’s really nothing to complain about. Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game that we will play on a vertical screen. The graphics are very good and the game we serve comfortably with one hand. The gameplay as a whole is (how else!) turn based strategy games battles in which in addition to the standard particular, vases to the enemy we also use cards with fully known (fans of the series) attacks, special. Of course, it takes place here, and the whole galaxy of heroes, and, as in Dragon Ball Fighter with during fights, we are not limited to one warrior, but we can switch between them.

If android turn based strategy mobile folks will find a couple of games from the Dragon Ball universe, it is a Legend, of course, out here on the operation. At least until someone decides to create a mobile version of Fighter Z. Kame-has to stop-ha!

Android turn based strategy

South Park: Phone Destroyer, it’s a surprisingly good game, though it seems like starting at a certain level, it’s clear that the developers are trying hard to force micropayments. Of course, you should accept the amendment that not everyone’s sense of humor known from South Park will respond, but in the end, of course, you do not read it, because you have a dislike for Cartman and the Android turn based strategy games company!

Android turn based strategySouth Park: Phone Destroyer is a real-time strategy game where we fought battles between teams using a variety of maps. Available as a role-playing group for a single player and multiplayer game. If you do not know this cartoon, do not be fooled first impression („Oh, what a good tale, my children will love!”) for is based on very controversial krovi, to be sure, for adults!

Injustice 2 – this game is sure to see all android turn based strategy fans of the DC universe. You’re probably waiting for Aquaman or Further Justice League adventures, and it’s time to do something. Why not mobile duels between superheroes and super villains? Injustice 2 in the mobile version reminds more and more of his first sight from the big platforms – we have at our disposal the same Board and the same characters – for example, Batman, Superman, Joker or Harley Quinn.

Of course, the turn based android games gameplay on the touch screen is very different from the computer version, however, the quality of gameplay and slowness of it flows surprisingly high. We strike, block and use a variety of special methods. Boredom does not threaten us!

Turn based android games

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – another bad mobile game based on a well-known production, the main purpose of which is just to get the money out of the turn based android games players? Not in this case! Final Fantasy XV is a real dance hit. Graphics is significantly different from the computer/console version, because it uses cartoon graphics, and, in addition, the world we are not moving in the TPP, but in the cast almost isometry. But the rest is mostly passed 1: 1, and that’s including cutscenes or voice actions!

Turn based android gamesOf course, changing the camera during the move made other changes – for example, fighting, and the game itself is not as complicated as the „big” version, but it’s the same amazing story of the road. Note-in the free version of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition we get at the disposal of only the first Chapter of the story, however, can take us a lot of time.

SimCity BuildIt – if you are going to become mayor or President of the city in the future, it is worth trying yourself in this decision. Sim City is a game that no one needs to imagine, and the mobile version of Buildit will certainly give you a lot of impressions. The game, of course, is to create as much as possible and as best functioning city. There wasn’t enough network play here because you can chat and trade with other mayors. You can join clubs and wage war with other cities by sending disasters like tornadoes or mutated plants to your enemies. The gameplay is also varied thanks to numerous challenges and rating system.

Turn based strategy games android

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians – another offer from the stable from Ubisoft, which is beginning to cope well on the mobile turn based strategy games android market. To tell the truth, it is possible to find fault that it is actually the next clone of Summoners War, but the game is made really faultlessly and placement of shares in the M&M universe really gives it colour.

Just like its famous predecessors, Elemental Guardians is a turn-based strategy. In the game we choose the magic school, defeat new enemies, collect mythical creatures and evolium them. There has not been PvP arenas. For all fans of the games in the Might and Magic series, it will certainly be a good find – free, but of course with microtransactions. Tariffs start at less than 5 rubles per item, but can reach 480 rubles – and this is not a record in the world of micropayments.

Turn based strategy games androidAssassin’s Creed Pirates – with the space you need to say that Assassin’s Creed Pirates is more „Pirates” than „Assassin’s Creed”, but if you liked Black Flag it’s hard to miss this one pass indifferently. If you want to meet the difficulties and problems of pirate life, this Ubisoft products will allow you to do so.

You are waiting for sea battles, treasure hunt, numerous adventures, as well as activities related to the staffing and construction of the turn based strategy games android ship – there is something to do. The design is very good, and a great impression, also audio, including sung by our team Shandra. Arrr! Tiger on Board!

Turn based strategy android

The Simpsons: Tapped Out – this time, something from the EA stable, which has in its mobile portfolio, among other things, turn based strategy android brands such as FIFA, Star Wars, or Need for Speed. In this respectable circle are also cute Simpsons. This time we can build the famous Springfield – the city where Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie live. Of course, you will also meet other characters known from this iconic cartoon.

The city needs to be rebuilt, for good-for-nothing Homer called (and again, already which?) the accident at the nuclear plant and demolished Springfield from the surface of the Earth. Now you can restore this city exactly as you want!

Tekken – another pleasure for fans of fighting games and it’s not just what! At our disposal there are 20 game characters that we can develop and find new special moves. You can play turn based strategy android in Story mode as well as fight online in the arena. Of course, there were also a variety of events.

Unfortunately, there were not ubiquitous micropayments and players still complain about a lot of mistakes… but it’s worth giving BANDAI NAMCO the chance to pay this legendary brand on mobile.

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I explained that if you want to create a game

If you really want to create a PC game, I suggest that you use Stencyl. If you have never heard of it, know that it is a program available for computers with Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu, which allows you to create computer games and other devices in a very simple way, without the need for specialized knowledge and research. The program can be downloaded for a fee, but it is also available in a free version, which is good to know, but has some limitations.

I explained that if you want to create a game on a Stencyl computer, the first thing you need to do is click here to instantly connect to the official website of the program. Then click the blue Download button and then click the Download button next to the operating system icon on your computer.

Then wait for the procedure to download the program to start, and then click the file named Stencyl-full that has been downloaded to your computer and wait for the installation of Stencyl to start.

In the window that opens, click Next, then Install, press the Next button again and click Finish.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

Wait for the program to start and the Stencyl window will appear, then press the I agree button to accept the terms of use of the software. Then click Remind me later and then Done to access the main program screen.

To start creating a game on your computer, you press the green button Create game with messages … which is placed in the upper right part of the software window, and then click Download sample game / sets to view and download one or more examples of games available for settlement Stencyl interface. If you want to start planning the game in your own hand, click Next.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

If you decide to create a game on a PC using one of the available examples, wait for the default browser to open, and then press the Download button next to the resource you want to download.

The download was completed by pressing the entry file in the upper left of the Stencyl window, pressing the Import game … button and selecting the resource just downloaded from the program’s online database.

Then double-click the game you just added on the main Stencyl screen, and then use the software editor to make changes to the selected one.

In the left part of the program window you will find a bar with all elements that you can create and edit (Actors for characters, Backgrounds for images, Fonts for texts, Sounds for adding sound effects and background music, etc.) And above buttons for generating new elements.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

If you want to get more detailed instructions on how to create a game on a computer using Stencyl, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the guide included in the program that you can access by pressing the Help menu located in the upper right corner of the Stencyl window.

2017 video games: the number of companies worth $ 116 billion, which is still growing

2017 was an important year for several reasons. Sony has strengthened its dominance in the market, Switch debuted the wonderful all Xbox One X effectively maintains its promises revealing the most powerful console ever created and absolute hardware.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

This year has certainly been interesting for several reasons, and GamesIndustry is trying to summarize the classic „Year in numbers”, which has become a practice for the portal. This year’s analyzes are based on data from various analysts and cover the floods of various fields, basically affecting each sector in the industry.

Overall, the year is certainly positive, given that the market value is 116 billion dollars, an increase of 10.7% compared to last year. The mobile telephony market is growing strongly (+ 23.3%), which at 50.4 billion USD is undoubtedly the largest and most important segment. The increase also applies to personal computers and consoles with a value of 33.3 billion dollars and 32.3 billion dollars respectively.

What do you think about this data and video game from 2017? Vintage according to your positive opinion?

The video game industry is growing

There are one hundred companies operating in Italy, especially micro and run by young people. Thousands of employees. Good opportunities for programmers and people involved in virtual reality

Investing in video games. Investing in the future: this is the theme of the Games Industry 2017 Day, an annual event promoted by Aesvi (Association of Italian publishers of video game developers), which was held today at the Roman Aquarium. The video game industry is growing

The meeting, which aims to foster the dialogue between industry and institutions, comes at the end of the implementation process of the act Cinema, passed last year in the Parliament, which for the first time introduced in our country some important measures to support video game producers.

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New panoramic video on multiplayer maps

Battlefield V: new panoramic video on multiplayer maps

Electronic Arts presents eight locations that will be the background for multiplayer battles next shooter EA DICE, Battlefield V.

Experiences of the competitive BF5 multiplayer, like the episodes from War Stories, which will distinguish the campaign for one player, will give us an overview of the events that characterized the bloodiest battles of World War II. The scenarios that will be included in the new multi-player multiplayer maps are eight: Devastation, Twisted Steel, Narvik, Rotterdam, Hamada, Arras, Fjell 652 and Aerodrome.

Each environment proposed by EA DICE

Each environment proposed by EA DICE will focus on the specific aspect of game dynamics, from field battles with tanks, to urban war guerrillas, from air combat to sabotage operations with silent infiltration between enemy lines.

Battlefield V will be available from November 20 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The program after launch announces a further expansion of the offer for many players Electronic Arts shooters with additional maps, new modes, new features and First of all, the battle for the Royal challenges of the Firestorm module: the whole the content to keep in mind will be offered completely free.

Translation of a video game or computer game is the best way to use it in other countries

The video game industry is growing more and more, both in Italy and abroad. Children and adolescents, but also very often adults, through a computer or special consoles, devote many hours a week to this type of entertainment. And this is happening in many parts of the world.

Each environment proposed by EA DICE

Translation of video game texts that will be marketed by producers is therefore indispensable if international marketing is sought. It is unlikely that the Italian game will succeed in the conquest of the Japanese market (and vice versa), in the absence of a specific translation and location of the texts, interface and all visual elements necessary to guarantee the game. persuading and engaging users from different geographical areas.

Therefore, in countries where the original language is not used (usually the majority), if the translation of texts is missing (in the form of dubbing or subtitling), as well as the location of visual and text content, the sale will be every chance is really rare. That is why Eurotrad offers video and computer game translation services, ensuring accurate content analysis and their correct location.

Video games: accurate translation and location of content

What makes the game exciting is therefore „successful” is a well-connected set of elements. Among them, the place of honor are certainly the dialogues between the characters, the way of describing the story and generally everything about the atmosphere in which the player submerges, and, of course, all information and instructions on the use of games.

Video games: accurate translation and location of contentTherefore, a simple translation, even if well done, can not be enough.

The translation of games on a PC or console must also be located. The translator must adapt the texts to the culture of the target country, so that the game is as pleasant as possible for the audience for whom it is intended. All this without disturbing the original intention of the company and being as faithful as possible to the original spirit of the video game.

How to create a game on a PC

Are you a fan of video games of all kinds and like to spend some of your free time trying to beat many levels of different PC games at your disposal? If the answer is yes, but if you have not yet found a video game that you think can really do for you, let me give you a valuable suggestion: create your own video game! How do you say? you do not have the slightest way to create a PC game?

Well, in this case you do not have to worry:

  • I can explain everything you need to do to succeed in the company.
  • Before you explain in detail what operations you need to do to create a PC game, there is something very important you need to know, and it will certainly make you sigh with relief if your programming knowledge is practically nil.
  • To create a game on a PC, you can use special programs installed directly on your computer, which with minimal patience, contraction and imagination allow you to get good results and create video games in the blink of an eye without even writing a line of code.

How to create a game on a PC

So, if you want to know what steps should be taken to create a game on a PC, I invite you to familiarize yourself with this guide. You will see that at the end you will be able to tell you more than satisfied with the result and that you will be ready to show off with all your friends from your creation. We focus?