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I explained that if you want to create a game

If you really want to create a PC game, I suggest that you use Stencyl. If you have never heard of it, know that it is a program available for computers with Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu, which allows you to create computer games and other devices in a very simple way, without the need for specialized knowledge and research. The program can be downloaded for a fee, but it is also available in a free version, which is good to know, but has some limitations.

I explained that if you want to create a game on a Stencyl computer, the first thing you need to do is click here to instantly connect to the official website of the program. Then click the blue Download button and then click the Download button next to the operating system icon on your computer.

Then wait for the procedure to download the program to start, and then click the file named Stencyl-full that has been downloaded to your computer and wait for the installation of Stencyl to start.

In the window that opens, click Next, then Install, press the Next button again and click Finish.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

Wait for the program to start and the Stencyl window will appear, then press the I agree button to accept the terms of use of the software. Then click Remind me later and then Done to access the main program screen.

To start creating a game on your computer, you press the green button Create game with messages … which is placed in the upper right part of the software window, and then click Download sample game / sets to view and download one or more examples of games available for settlement Stencyl interface. If you want to start planning the game in your own hand, click Next.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

If you decide to create a game on a PC using one of the available examples, wait for the default browser to open, and then press the Download button next to the resource you want to download.

The download was completed by pressing the entry file in the upper left of the Stencyl window, pressing the Import game … button and selecting the resource just downloaded from the program’s online database.

Then double-click the game you just added on the main Stencyl screen, and then use the software editor to make changes to the selected one.

In the left part of the program window you will find a bar with all elements that you can create and edit (Actors for characters, Backgrounds for images, Fonts for texts, Sounds for adding sound effects and background music, etc.) And above buttons for generating new elements.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

If you want to get more detailed instructions on how to create a game on a computer using Stencyl, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the guide included in the program that you can access by pressing the Help menu located in the upper right corner of the Stencyl window.

2017 video games: the number of companies worth $ 116 billion, which is still growing

2017 was an important year for several reasons. Sony has strengthened its dominance in the market, Switch debuted the wonderful all Xbox One X effectively maintains its promises revealing the most powerful console ever created and absolute hardware.

Screenshot of Stencyl software

This year has certainly been interesting for several reasons, and GamesIndustry is trying to summarize the classic „Year in numbers”, which has become a practice for the portal. This year’s analyzes are based on data from various analysts and cover the floods of various fields, basically affecting each sector in the industry.

Overall, the year is certainly positive, given that the market value is 116 billion dollars, an increase of 10.7% compared to last year. The mobile telephony market is growing strongly (+ 23.3%), which at 50.4 billion USD is undoubtedly the largest and most important segment. The increase also applies to personal computers and consoles with a value of 33.3 billion dollars and 32.3 billion dollars respectively.

What do you think about this data and video game from 2017? Vintage according to your positive opinion?

The video game industry is growing

There are one hundred companies operating in Italy, especially micro and run by young people. Thousands of employees. Good opportunities for programmers and people involved in virtual reality

Investing in video games. Investing in the future: this is the theme of the Games Industry 2017 Day, an annual event promoted by Aesvi (Association of Italian publishers of video game developers), which was held today at the Roman Aquarium. The video game industry is growing

The meeting, which aims to foster the dialogue between industry and institutions, comes at the end of the implementation process of the act Cinema, passed last year in the Parliament, which for the first time introduced in our country some important measures to support video game producers.

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