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In the field of webmerchandising

In the field of web shopping, online shopping is the conclusion of a commercial transaction via the Internet. E-procurement has gained momentum in recent years, thanks in particular to the introduction of reliable secure payment systems.

How does online shopping work ?

To purchase a product or service online, the user usually goes to online shops. Like a real store, this type of virtual store displays and details each item sold. The consumer then only has to select the desired product to add it to his virtual shopping cart. Once all the items have been chosen, the customer can proceed with the payment of his order by opting for one of the payment methods authorized by the site : credit card, cheque, PayPal service, etc. It also selects the delivery methods desired (at home, in a post office, in a relay point, etc.).

What are the benefits of buying online ?In the field of webmerchandising

Buying online allows the consumer :

  • save time by avoiding queues at the checkout ;
  • compare the price of products on different sites in order to take advantage of the best offers ;
  • to shop easily without having to travel ;
  • access to a wider range of products in a few clicks than on the market ;
  • to benefit from the advice of consumers who have previously purchased the selected product ;
  • to buy easily abroad.

Online shop: 10 tips to increase your turnover

According to Oxatis, 83% of retail enterprises would be profitable or in balance by 2018. Not bad, but the balance sheet could still improve, according to Didier Mayeur, e-commerce expert within the company, which delivers best practices to boost online revenues.

Think „mobile first”

Google favours websites that are suitable for all types of devices. According to the study conducted by Oxatis on 4000 Btoc sites of TPE, one third of the traffic comes from mobile. In some actors, it even goes up to 50%. Another survey, conducted by Google, shows that 75% of affected consumers anticipate mobile purchases and 37% purchase with this device. In short, developing a site dedicated to mobile allows to be present where the customers are, to offer a quality navigation and to optimize its SEO.

Think "mobile first"

One concrete example is the Dreamextension site, where the mobile site currently accounts for more than 55% of total sales. We see: the question of having a responsive site is no longer there. Especially since some CMS propose to activate the functionality in automatic mode, which takes only ten minutes to create a site dedicated to mobile from a site desktop.

Offer the ideal product thanks to the faceted navigation

This technique is required for all sites with a catalogue of more than 100 products. The goal is to set up filters to offer a selection of products that meet the customer’s expectations.

By displaying the information that visitors are looking for horizontally, it gives them a sense of reading, makes their search easier and saves them time. Quick tip: some CMS features make products more visible by freezing filters. It’s a simple way to hold visitors longer. Usage improvements, such as optimizing navigation and information flow, can yield up to 83% return on investment (source: Ecoreuil, 2016).

Create flash sales

The online store needs to be energized to stimulate impulsive shopping and create attractiveness through good deals. Technically, this means marketing on site and distributing the pop-up „flash sale” in several places on the site: at the level of the category,the product sheet..??.

However, be careful to personalize the message and the offer: this is the sine qua non condition to increase the conversion rate significantly.

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