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Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race”

Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race”

The current generation of consoles are actually devices close structurally to a laptop in a small enclosure where you may be able to replace the hard drive. Given that the process of designing a new generation console takes about 3 years, this type of device at the start does not sin speed, as technological development flies inexorably forward.

So here’s the introduction. Now to business!

In PC cases, players are usually divided into two groups, most are players with a small or medium budget, who buy equipment as quickly as possible, but for little money and exchange individual components, which for some time (usually every 2-3 years exchange the graphics card, if the processor will not be a bottleneck to such a configuration).

So here's the introduction. Now to business!The second group represents enthusiasts with a significant budget who build curiously fast computers, spending huge amounts of money on them. Others often call # pcmasterrace because they have accepted that most of these people mock everything else as if the best results in test programs were building their ego. Personally, I think this ridiculing term often comes from envy or commonplace, both those who have the worst configurations and are enviously envious, and those who make this better equipment.

Now, that there was no doubt, I will add that in IT I sit since 20 years, and since that time I collect various computers, servers and actively use it. At the moment, apart from a lot of consoles, I have a lot of different computers, from the weaker Intel g4400 configurations, 8GB ram with integrated graphics, via laptop with Intel i7-4700HG, 24GB ram and GTX860M, workstations with Intel i7-8520K up to 4.25 Ghz, 32GB ram up to 3GHz and GTXami 980Ti finished on servers divided into virtual machines by 16 threads and 32GB ram.

So from the definition above, I claim to be a # pcmasterrace group with the difference that I just don’t go to other platforms and configurations – but about that after a while. I just want podkreslić some niedowiarkom I know what you’re doing and know the industry from the inside. Here a stock can I make a little „prztyka” in the blog of a friend who had problems with stability of the chain of equipment for Windows 10 – upgrade system and drivers, and check out the other memory and shake them so much because the clock is unable to „bite” and it will end BSODem.

We are not memes

For a long time, they reach information about the „half” generation, that is, the best hardware consoles. Given the aforementioned design process and poor initial setup and the fact that it’s a few budget PCs, and as I mentioned, such improvements on average every 2-3 years is such a scenario for an improved version seems very reasonable. Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race”. In addition, some of you will probably remember the famous words of the head of the brand Xbox that the console must be compatible back and forth.

We are not memesThey were badly received because people understood it as a console with interchangeable parts, I, on the contrary, consider that what Phil said to note neither more nor less that if the PC consoles are games will get (attention, breath)… GRAPHIC OPTIONS! Okay! Xbox works on Win 10, on PS4 Orbisie (i.e. modified BSD), and reports are saying that the game should run with any version of the console with different quality and performance, and this means that the console will be delivered in the role of a PC with closed systems (and the elegant buildings).

Maybe it will not suwaczki familiar with the PC, but the game after installation just recognizes itself which version of the console we have and will adjust the parameters of the schedule in it. Thanks to the end of the era of my remasterów, and the theory confirms the words of Philadelphia Spencer, because the closed system operating system will provide compatibility back and forth generation, just depending on the equipment running every ge, only different quality. And so and so…

In summary form

In summary formAnd now let’s get to the point, that is yesterday gównoburzy that went through the Internet, after the „confirmation” of rumors (which, despite still gossip, but most probably forgot about it :P) about the improved version of PS4. After reading the comments on several sites / forums, one thing caught my eye. Most are overwhelmed with hatred for Sony for having worse hardware, and the tone of their statements shows that all the pain in the ass is that someone will have a better console than them, despite the fact that if you believe the rumors, and so will be able to play any games just worse quality than people having a newer hardware configuration.

We have here the perfect analogy for the PC market and the mentioned phenomenon of #pcmasterrace where people with weak zawistnie hardware rush to those who can get better hardware. Konsolowcy always consider themselves a” healthy ” society than Pecetowcy, and yesterday showed that they are exactly the same as those with whom they laughed.

Congratulations! It was the most pathetic show of redneck envy I’ve seen lately. In principle, most of the substantive discussions were immediately dragee. Also, in total no matter where I read about it in the comments, the septic flow flowed and so much. It is sad that people who complain that consoles through its slowdown prevented the development of the market in a rage due to the fact that now consoles have a unified architecture and the ability to jam generation boundaries (which will ensure compatibility back and forth).

In my opinion, if someone wants to complain, this problem will not be the fact that the console can be replaced every 2-3 years. The problem will be the cost of games that will cost 2 times more than on the PC. The problem is also that in the case of such development, the developers of the Studio will optimize the game only for the next console (it’s worth it), and the oil ports of the PC – this situation is already happening (so I’m talking about Batman and MKX).


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