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Mass effect andromeda

Mass effect andromeda

Fans of the Mass Effect series, fans of light SF, space exploration and a great fight – here everyone will find something for themselves.

Mass Effect: Andromeda offers the perfect combination of old and new. We get enough friends elements and characteristics of the respected series, but also a decent dose of fresh and interesting solutions. All this consists of a great adventure that fuels an intriguing plot.

Space adventure

Space adventureThe hero or heroine by the name Ryder, we find out when he wakes up from hibernation after 600 years, a trip to Hyperion, or the Ark, transporting twenty thousand people. New galaxy-new challenges. Immediately we will begin to work to investigate some suspicious planet, which in the original idea was to be the new home of mankind. Not everything goes according to plan, and the participants of the risky expedition should improvise.

Bioware failed to start the story perfectly. If the basis of art may be interested, this is the main story is gaining momentum only later, in a few hours. We meet a new race and learn its history associated, among other things, with the aggression of the ketts. The connection between these species is really tempting.

Also at later stages there are additional topics, questions about the main „evil”, interesting twists and visits to the most interesting planets. There are new loyalty missions, most dealing-the more that the banner we just depends. The hero’s colleagues are doing a great job. Even the human crewmembers, who seem a bit boring at first, reveal their true faces to us.

Beautiful views are not enough

Beautiful views are not enoughNice to be back on the ship and just listen to the comrades. We smile when the harsh asari Peebee does out of spite, Dr. lexi, or when someone cares about us. Roganin of the fights from the first moments is a worthy successor to the predecessors of the trilogy of Shepard. Stubborn, brave, direct, but also quite reasonable when you need to. Here is how could look like the grandfather of Rex.

Also commando Cora, who surprises with information about his past, calm Liam, with whom it is always nice to talk, as well as attentive turianka Vetra with their family problems. Finally, the salarian pilot and the SUV Navigator, whom we meet on the bridge, and throughout the adventure we hear the growing friendship between them.

The typical Mass Effect climate builds frequent walks around the ship – to talk to the crew, check messages, or conduct research. Tempest is a worthy successor to Normandy, not too big, not too small and impressive in appearance. There is also the equivalent of the Citadel, the inter-species space station of the trilogy. It’s a Nexus for which they’re supposed to anchor four ARKS traveling from the milky way. It’s a place full of diverse characters, internal tug-of-war political and minor but often interesting side quests. From the investigation of sabotage, to give an interview to a journalist.

Rider is a Pioneer of humanity, and therefore his role is to find places where you can set up the first place. On several planets we, incidentally, study the ruins of a developed civilization to „unlock” the mysterious crypts, so that in this place can form the core of the first colony. It should be recognized, however, that the steps required to achieve impressive crypts bring some repeatability.

Creating an object on the planet opens up a number of new opportunities, and in some cases previously inaccessible territory. There are additional side missions, so we often have reasons to go back to every world. You may have, however, the abandonment of some additional tasks because it happens that are reduced only to excursions to designated places and do not offer a full-fledged background of the feature film.

The planets on which we can move, Nomad – being a pleasant to use analogue of Mako from the first Mass Effect – are significant. We’re even talking about the size of several related locations from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thanks to the car we did not feel The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Troubled Five-Year Development, however, fatigue research.

The most interesting and expected games of the year

The most interesting and expected games of the yearDuring the tour we meet another group of enemies, characters who will give us new tasks, different points of interest and-above all-beautiful views. Introduced at our disposal the planets are very diverse, in fact each is completely different from the previous one. In General, we will visit six such, on which we can move freely. And here, of course, less special sites, at least in the missions of loyalty or border, as well as two cities.

The action takes place in the cluster Helejos and thus in the clipping Andromeda. There are a total of several dozen planets here, but most of them are just points on the galaxy map that we can see. Somewhere we find anomalies, send probes and get raw materials from them. The only pity is that moving between these systems is a bit tedious. Every click of a new system or planet is a few seconds of flight animation, which is a bit tiring.

The basis of the gameplay-a number of interaction with independent characters and intelligence-is a struggle. This is undoubtedly the best element of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which automatically makes it attractive will make an excellent mode of network cooperation and odpieranie attack waves of opponents.

Collisions are more dynamic than in the previous parts. The use of field screens is still important, but we also have other features that we are happy to use. The introduction of the package of slow and fast afterburner evasion calls for frequent change of position to avoid some enemies, occur others from behind, or get to the boxes of ammunition and apteczkami.

It’s extremely nice to pop out into the air, stop for a moment and put the series custom in oponenta, then perform a biotic attack and bounce off at lightning speed to another location. In the first minutes we feel light chaos, but very quickly we will master new rules of fight and we enjoy each its moment.

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