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New panoramic video on multiplayer maps

Battlefield V: new panoramic video on multiplayer maps

Electronic Arts presents eight locations that will be the background for multiplayer battles next shooter EA DICE, Battlefield V.

Experiences of the competitive BF5 multiplayer, like the episodes from War Stories, which will distinguish the campaign for one player, will give us an overview of the events that characterized the bloodiest battles of World War II. The scenarios that will be included in the new multi-player multiplayer maps are eight: Devastation, Twisted Steel, Narvik, Rotterdam, Hamada, Arras, Fjell 652 and Aerodrome.

Each environment proposed by EA DICE

Each environment proposed by EA DICE will focus on the specific aspect of game dynamics, from field battles with tanks, to urban war guerrillas, from air combat to sabotage operations with silent infiltration between enemy lines.

Battlefield V will be available from November 20 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The program after launch announces a further expansion of the offer for many players Electronic Arts shooters with additional maps, new modes, new features and First of all, the battle for the Royal challenges of the Firestorm module: the whole the content to keep in mind will be offered completely free.

Translation of a video game or computer game is the best way to use it in other countries

The video game industry is growing more and more, both in Italy and abroad. Children and adolescents, but also very often adults, through a computer or special consoles, devote many hours a week to this type of entertainment. And this is happening in many parts of the world.

Each environment proposed by EA DICE

Translation of video game texts that will be marketed by producers is therefore indispensable if international marketing is sought. It is unlikely that the Italian game will succeed in the conquest of the Japanese market (and vice versa), in the absence of a specific translation and location of the texts, interface and all visual elements necessary to guarantee the game. persuading and engaging users from different geographical areas.

Therefore, in countries where the original language is not used (usually the majority), if the translation of texts is missing (in the form of dubbing or subtitling), as well as the location of visual and text content, the sale will be every chance is really rare. That is why Eurotrad offers video and computer game translation services, ensuring accurate content analysis and their correct location.

Video games: accurate translation and location of content

What makes the game exciting is therefore „successful” is a well-connected set of elements. Among them, the place of honor are certainly the dialogues between the characters, the way of describing the story and generally everything about the atmosphere in which the player submerges, and, of course, all information and instructions on the use of games.

Video games: accurate translation and location of contentTherefore, a simple translation, even if well done, can not be enough.

The translation of games on a PC or console must also be located. The translator must adapt the texts to the culture of the target country, so that the game is as pleasant as possible for the audience for whom it is intended. All this without disturbing the original intention of the company and being as faithful as possible to the original spirit of the video game.

How to create a game on a PC

Are you a fan of video games of all kinds and like to spend some of your free time trying to beat many levels of different PC games at your disposal? If the answer is yes, but if you have not yet found a video game that you think can really do for you, let me give you a valuable suggestion: create your own video game! How do you say? you do not have the slightest way to create a PC game?

Well, in this case you do not have to worry:

  • I can explain everything you need to do to succeed in the company.
  • Before you explain in detail what operations you need to do to create a PC game, there is something very important you need to know, and it will certainly make you sigh with relief if your programming knowledge is practically nil.
  • To create a game on a PC, you can use special programs installed directly on your computer, which with minimal patience, contraction and imagination allow you to get good results and create video games in the blink of an eye without even writing a line of code.

How to create a game on a PC

So, if you want to know what steps should be taken to create a game on a PC, I invite you to familiarize yourself with this guide. You will see that at the end you will be able to tell you more than satisfied with the result and that you will be ready to show off with all your friends from your creation. We focus?

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