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Online shopping vs store purchases: advantages and disadvantages

The age of the internet has come to revolutionize the way we communicate, but not only that. Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, it is possible to buy the order without having to leave the house.

To take better advantage of your money (and your time) we share the main advantages and disadvantages of traditional purchases (in store) and online purchases. Review, compare and choose the option that best suits you.

Online purchases:


  • It is much more practical since you can buy almost anything online and, in many cases, the delivery is made directly at home.
  • When you buy online you have access to a greater number of items and options, being able to acquire things from another state or, even, from another country.
  • When stores sell online, many expenses are saved so it is usually cheaper when shopping online than in the store.

Online purchases


  • The deliveries of the products depend on the availability in the warehouse and the courier service, so you usually have to wait a few weeks to receive your purchase.
  • The only way to choose a purchase online is through the photos, descriptions and reviews of other customers (if any).
  • Although more and more companies accept payments at convenience stores, the most common is that you need a credit card to make your purchases online.

Store purchases:


  • When you go to a shopping store you can see the quality, texture, size and overall appearance of a product and, in addition, try it.
  • When shopping in a physical store it is easier to compare products, especially clothes and shoes.
  • If you are a shopping fan, going to a shopping store can be one of the most fun and relaxing experiences in life. This type of moments do not enjoy them equally if you do it online.


  • To buy in a physical store you have to move, which implies time, money and effort.
  • Shop purchases are commonly associated with large crowds and, above all, ranks. Whether to measure something, ask for reports or pay, you have to stand in line.
  • Unlike online purchases, store purchases depend on the hours and days of service of each establishment. No matter how much you want or need something, if the store is closed, you will have to wait.

Finally, we recommend you only make transactions in secure online stores and acquire only what you need. In this way, it will be easier for you to organize your expenses and keep your personal finances in order.

Online purchasesHaving control of your money is easier than ever thanks to your cell phone. The era of cell phones is gaining strength, leaving aside the use of the traditional notebook and pencil to, for example, manage the accounts of your income and expenses. Almost all smart phone models allow you to download applications, also known as apps, with which you can better manage your money. This time we want to share 5 excellent financial apps that will allow you to remember when to meet your payments or amounts.

Take out your cell phone and find out, together with us, how to manage your money with the following financial apps.


As the description of this app says, it works to control household expenses in a simple and intuitive way, so you will have no problem entering your expenses and your money income. It helps us to easily handle those daily expenses that are difficult to control.

Clear Accounts

This app is perfect for your accounts to be in order, in a very simple way. Its level of customization allows you to create your own category icons, which makes it a fun financial app. It is completely in Spanish.

For example, you can plan the payment of the online loan that you acquired with Vivus México, the expenses of your house, the management of your salary, etc. With it you can check the status of your income and meet your budget.

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