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PS2 vs PS4

PS2 vs PS4

Another, already the eighth generation of consoles, which will serve us for at least 7-8 years, has begun. Uraczeni us new consoles like the bright names of the PlayStation 4 from under the wing of Sony are also present Xbox One from Microsoft (does anyone know where the PostScript „They”?). Slowly but inevitably the previous generation of consoles, that is PS3 and X360 will retire, however, can not refuse them one – introduced players in the console era HD.

PlayStation 2 in the original version of FAT

PlayStation 2 in the original version of FATInvariably, in the case of new creations Sony and MS – fighting for resolution, detail, the number of frames per second, only the gameplay is still somewhere lame, although it is a question of good games that will eventually appear. However, sometimes it happens that some products immediately become hits and do not let you forget about yourself even after the end of its market cycle – it was and still with the most popular console so far from Sony – PlayStation 2. Only a 14 year old console with SD resolution and finished production has any more chances for players in the era of HD and PS4?

Probably, very few Of you who will not have ever own PlayStation 2, or did not have contact with the console at the friend/someone from a family. This is due to the fact that the console was sold in the amount of about 154.4 million copies (data on November 21, 2011, Wikipedia). Currently, the PlayStation 3 is 8 years on the market and is about halfway through with the number of copies sold totaling 77.81 million (data from June 27, 2013, Wikipedia)-this result has certainly increased since then, however, I do not expect already impressive heights due to the entry into the PS4 market.

I don’t want to argue over technological issues, however PS2’s popularity is certainly influenced by the power of the console and the brand wyrobiona during the first PlayStation (also called PSX). Suffice it to say that the 64-bit processor console, Emotion Engine was 294MHz (299MHz in later models), but thanks to the design of its real power, translated into conventional processors, was apparently about 800 MHz. Can you imagine such a result for the console in 2000, especially since the previous console from Sony, that is, PSX was only 33MHz? In addition, the equipment had very top functionality at the time-it was a real DVD player.

The console spread around the world like hot cakes, including ours – practically it was so popular that the brand did not handle turned, although the Prime Minister and the availability of more powerful consoles of that generation like the Xbox or Nintendo GameCube. Until the very end, that is, the cessation of production of the console, in January 2013, it was possible to get it in stores (supermarkets often at a price of ~450). Despite the long presence of the heir, that is the PS3.

Well, enough about history – let’s go back to the present, that is, in 2014. The PS2 is no longer available in stores (although sometimes you can get more from stock), there are no new games and will not, the console runs in SD resolution so it scales up on the HD TV looks…badly. Although the resolution can be slightly raised using the component cable and switching quite a few games to progressive mode, there are even tricks with artificial image conquest using some applications, however still not worth it in HD. So what does it do that the console is still alive, popular and still developing some homebrew applications (for example, to run games from a flash drive, HDD or power cord connected to a computer)?

The last revision of the PS2 Slim

The reason the PS2 succeeds is its price-the console used is in a well-groomed condition, with the crew and games available to buy already for 250 zlotys, which is still much cheaper than the PS3, not to mention the brand new PS4. In addition, more than 6,000 games have been spent on the console, so there is plenty to choose from 🙂 the games Themselves (although used) are also available to Allegro users at very low prices, sometimes cheaper than a pack of cigarettes or 40% water of fire. Prices for PS2 vs PS4 games vary, because, as a rule, from 5 to 20, although, of course, super hits can cost a couple of zlotys more expensive. Economically, therefore-and entertainment that is not an indicator.

The last revision of the PS2 Slim

The next plus behind the console is that it was absolutely basic – almost any best game was available on the console, not counting exclusive games or those that have never been on the PC. Here, in principle, all that is known-Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, GTA III followed by spin-offami, classics like Half-Life and, in addition, the console is compatible with games for PSX, so that the number of games is doubled. Indeed-there is something to choose from all these years. I myself am a PS2 user, although from this last throw – only in 2011 I bought my console, previously pogrywałem stealthily from friends. So much fun did not bring me even pogrywanie on Xbox360 and PS3. It might seem in a way that the console fits – cheap hardware, cheap games, a lot of fun, the homebrew scene is still alive, though the power of things is already suppressed.

When I first saw the PS4, I immediately noticed a resemblance to the PS2 Slim

When I first saw the PS4, I immediately noticed a resemblance to the PS2 SlimUnfortunately, when we go through the undoubted advantages and begin to consider the case more technically-we come to the unpleasant conclusion that the console is 14 years old and it was great once, but today it is not particularly should. To clarify these cons without an unjustified line of text, I decided to hit it.

Console from the era of SD (576i for PAL TV ), so even with the progressive scan option enabled (list of known games), which gives 480p resolution is not something that fits today’s standards. Connecting your console to your HDTV even with a component cable won’t change that from the SD era.

Even though we’ll be playing on a CRT TV (kinescopic) using an RGB SCART cable, it’s hard to ignore the SD resolution until the end. Of course, we’ll catch tons of so-called Jaggies (stepped, broken edges of objects). Sometimes the low-res is connected to the steps and the lack/poor anti-alliasingiem can reduce visual enjoyment, so the game. Unfortunately, but after contact with HD and the habit of 720p or 1080p – no longer back to SD. a Sign of the time, and there is no fault of the PS2. I plugged the console under the HDTV twice – the first time I ended up buying the PS3 after seeing that time sign, the second I thought maybe instead of working hard to last with the PS2, you should finally think about putting it off on the PS4 if I really want to play on the console? You say, ” but graphics are not important.” Of course not – but has a big impact on reception. Could you enjoy Wolfenstein 3D today as much as before when you played 5 minutes ago back in the last Killzone? That’s it.

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