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Secure online shopping – a guide for shoppers

There comes a period of sales, promotions and offers. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or free shipping Day. These days in online stores, basically, the movement is much more, more the average cost of the basket, and customers are willing to open wallets. We must, however, remember that the safety of our customers, but also ours. Shopping online is a partnership agreement between two parties that should trust each other. Today in the text we will write a few tips for customers.

From today’s lesson you will learn:

  • how to buy safely on Allegro, OLX and online store;
  • You buy online, this is the text for You
  • Shopping online can be easier, more enjoyable, cheaper, and most importantly, safe. Not one of us is an expert in e-commerce, not everyone knows where to shop, so as not to expose themselves to the risk of losing money and pay attention. Let’s start from the beginning.

Letters with offers that fall into our mailboxes

Suggestions that appear on our messages should not be spam. Among the many messages are those that we have agreed to when you register in the store or when you view the offer. It is important, however, to pay attention to the sender of the message, and the address from which it comes. Sometimes stores send information about the need to change the password to our account.

Secure online shopping – a guide for shoppers

If we did buy something from a store with a sample address and we will receive a letter asking to change the data from the sample address this is most likely not an attempt to phish our data, however, when we receive an email where the sender’s domain has nothing to do with the real seller (see the chart example below) then we can be sure that someone sneezes on our data and data on the card.

Shopping at Allegro

If we are talking about the purchase of goods on the Website, it also can appear dishonest sellers who are just waiting for customers who think you’ve hit on an amazing opportunity. Remember, there is no such thing as a new iPhone X for 700 rubles, Xbox ONE console with 500, or branded bike at a price 75% lower than the one listed in the stores. When choosing an offer, let’s click on the seller’s name and enter the „ratings and comments”tab. Here not only look at the comments of other users, but also we have the possibility of suspicion of how long the seller is registered on the Site.

This does not mean that all sellers with short starzem are suspicious subjects, but if we see an incredible offer from a person who has a few days on the site, by the way, already has a lot of positive sides, from strange accounts, then take this into account. In addition, Allegro has a security system that allows you to return the lost money, but the whole procedure is not as simple as it seems. We have to report this to the police. Read more about it here.

Olx offers

For this portal we will hear basically one important rule. Buy only when the seller offers to view the object and pickup. Due to poor security and checking sellers it is better to look for offers in the area where we can pick up the goods ourselves and be sure that we will not be deceived. Two very good examples of these are video only:

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