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The History of Valve

The History of Valve

The question is, what is Steam at all (not to be confused with streaming or streaming content), most often heard: the digital distribution platform. In the family company Valve online store sells games and programs in the version is digital, not physical, plate. Purchases are tied to our profile. We can log into it via desktop, console or even a mobile device. Currently supported systems are not only Windows – we will also play on Linux and Mac.

How it started

How it startedValve Software is an American manufacturer of computer games. The first figure in the business for a long time is Gabe Newell – its founder and Chairman of the Board (CEO). Valve are best known for their Half-Life, Counter-Strike or Portal games. The most valuable among critics is the first and third, but the Steam platform was created thanks to the second name. Interestingly, initially it was not supposed to be a store, only the system of distribution of updates for games. Once you have decided to create a platform with automatic updates, anti-piracy and anti-piracy security (in multiplayer games) have also been introduced. Valve initially wanted to use the help, by the way, Microsoft or Yahoo! together to build such a program, however, they rejected the proposals. Few people also know that the name Steam has won, among other things, with offers Grid and Gazelle.

Steam platform was founded in 2003-DVD format only then crawled, there were games Star Wars: KotOR, GTA: Vice City and Splinter Cell, video cards basically had 256 MB of memory, and in the category of „monitors” part of the reports continued to win large crates. The digital game store was an innovative idea developed by security dare publishers to enter the network. Steam had to offer accurate information about products backed up by trailers, screenshots, and ratings obtained from Metacritic (a popular English-language rating unit).

In the digital sense is better?

In the digital sense is better?Steam runs on all PC and laptop configurations from different companies and operating systems. We only pay for purchased games. All additional services such as gameplay, multiplayer, chat or game modifications are free. This distinguishes Steam from the console market, whose users, for example, can not enjoy a multiplayer game until they capture the corresponding subscription. Digital library of games is a great solution for those who often change computers or travel history of Valve without their own laptop, and have a desire to have fun during the trip.

All games that we have in your Steam account, you can download anywhere in the world, if we log in to your profile. It’s the same with the game state records that can be kept in the cloud, that is, in the network. It is worth noting that the purchased game is not lost, even if it disappears from the range of the store. What is also important is that a permanent Internet connection is not required – a game that we can download, for example, in combination with an access point in a cafe-it will remain on disk in a playable form until we remove it. We can do this an unlimited number of times – download, play, delete, and so on. However, it should be added that modern games take up to tens of gigabytes, so we need more bandwidth and a lot of disk space.

Assortment expansion

Assortment expansionInitially, Steam provided only Valve games, then began to add the names of other creators. Also appeared chat, working in games as frontend, that is, a tool running in the background. Polish recipient waited for the native language version of Steam-but there is no currency, still pay in euros. In 2011, „kadłubkowe”, and switched to PS3. The next attraction was to broadcast the game video. This is a service that allows something until recently abstract-a game we run on one computer and we can play on another. Useful if we do not want to sit at the table with a strong PC resources, only comfortable umościć with a weak laptop on the couch.

Steam is a little ahead of our legal system, operating in a gray, unregulated zone. However, since copyright is already protected, the biggest dispute remains whether we own a copy of the game or simply acquire the right to rent it for our own use. This issue is currently settled by courts in several countries, among others in Germany, where the Federation of consumer rights organizations issued a Steam lawsuit in 2012. How do I sell my game on Steam? Simply put – we can’t do that. Games you can not sell, exchange or even give away for free, as the game in boxed versions.

From the collection for a Couple we use only after logging in to your profile or as part of the Family Sharing option. In addition, if for any reason we receive a ban (i.e. Steam blocks our account), for example, for suspicion of sharing our profile with other people, we lose access to all purchased games. Of course, the penalties vary depending on the offense, there is also a way of appeal, but some people claim that the bans were accrued by mistake and failed to do anything. If this is indeed the case, the problem of redeeming the game license is returned, since the permanently banned profile cannot be restored. Ergo, we’re losing all our money.

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